Pastoral Installation Service

Feb 2, 2020    Craig Hardinger
Special Guests: STEVE DOERKSEN Pastor, Mountain Vista Community Church Steve opened the door of ministry to me when he offered me an internship at Palmcroft Church in Phoenix Arizona. As a mentor, he gave me my first start in ministry after I graduated college and brought me out to Sacramento to serve at Sun River Church as the junior high pastor in 1999. If it hadn’t been for Steve’s persistence, I would probably not have moved to California. Steve believed in me and affirmed my calling in ministry. DAVID HAY Pastor Emeritus, Sun River Church As a youth pastor at Sun River Church, I had the opportunity to serve under David’s pastoral leadership. He challenged me to pursue ordination and fulfill my pastoral calling by achieving my master’s degree at Western Seminary. To this day I am reminded of a key ministry principle that David taught me from Warren Wiersbe, “Ministry takes place when divine resources meet human need through loving channels to the glory of God.” CRAIG HARDINGER Pastor, Arcade Church Regional Executive Director, NextGen Churches Craig has been a powerful encouragement in my life, family, and ministry over the past three years. Craig is an incredible leader and communicator, and as a seasoned senior pastor, he is a spiritual shepherd that I look up to very much. I am so thankful for the time, wisdom, and friendship he has given to me. I am so grateful and excited that God has allowed me to learn from Craig as I move forward in pastoral ministry. RUSS & CLAUDINE MATZKE I thank my mom and dad for raising me in a Christian home and in the church. As I have said many times, “It is because of God’s grace in my parents’ lives that I have been blessed to be born in a pew, raised in a pew, and I will die in a pew!” Thanks, mom, for showing me grace in the flesh! I would not know or love God the way I do without your faithful love for the Lord and faithful love for dad. Dad, thanks for teaching me God’s word, theology, and how to pursue God through struggle and pain. I am strong in the Lord because of you. I love both!

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